Fiber laser


LVD PUMA fiber laser lakštų lazeris


Fiber laser LVD PUMA is engineered for cost efficient laser processing. This cutting system offers the flexibility to process a wide variety of material types and thickness all within a modest and cost-effective budget. There are three possible sizes – for sheets up to 3050×1525 mm, 4065×2035 mm and for sheets 6160×2035 mm.

LVD LYNX fiber laser


MOVit Load-Assist automation (LA) offers two systems to increase laser cutting productivity: 

  1. LA Load automatically transfers unprocessed sheets quickly and efficiently to the cutting machine shuttle table.
  2. LA Load / Unload automatically loads material and, during unmanned production, unloads cut sheets to an unloading station or a conveyor.

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Automatic material loading and unloading.

The COMPACT TOWER is a material storage and retrieval tower for 4, 6, 8 or 10 pallets.

There are 16 different TAS configuration possible. The TAS system could be connected with two fiber lasers cutting machines.

  • 3-ton capacity per pallet (5-ton for 6020)
  • Up to 63 pallets, depending on system configuration
  • Stack height – 90 mm

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  • 3-ton capacity per pallet (WAS 3015), 5-ton capacity per pallet (WAS 4020)
  • Stack height of 90 mm

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Staklių specifikacija
PUMA 3015
PUMA 3015
PUMA 4020
PUMA 6020
PUMA 6020

*excluding  light guards, filternand chiller

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