Metal folders

CIDAN Machinery is proud to be a world-wide industry leading source for sheet metal folders and metal bending machines. Metal folders from CIDAN Machinery offer convenient, flexible, and efficient ways to bend sheet metal into various forms.

CIDAN FX PLUS high divided tools 768x575 1

FX Plus Folding Machine​

Unique precision for angles and measurements

  • Lenghts: 2600, 3200 or 4100 mm
  • Capacity: 2.5 or 2 mm

CIDAN FX PLUS equipped with automatic sheet thickness and bend center adjustment!

PRO Z power folder 600x364 1


High speed and precise

  • Lenghts: 3200 or 4100 mm
  • Capacity: 4 or 3 mm

CIDAN’S robust PRO Z is a highly rated up-down metal folding machine for industrial applications. This metal folding machine is foremost for folding complex profiles and heavy material. PRO Z eliminates the need for an operator to flip the material providing opportunities for increased time efficiency.

forma z power folder 768x642 1

Forma Z

A full-package machine

  • Lenghts: 3200 or 4100 mm
  • Capacity: 3 or 2 mm

CIDAN’s FORMA Z model is foremost the most flexible and diverse machine in the CIDAN lineup. FORMA Z folds both up and down to eliminate the need for an operator to flip the material. This provides excellent opportunities for time-efficient folding of complex parts with one operator. While designing the FORMA Z, CIDAN had the priority of making the most complete up/down machine on the market. With the capacity to fold both directions while maintaining the ability for up acting front operation for small batch runs, this machine is proven to be the complete package for sheet metal shops.

cidan pro

Cidan PRO

Improve work ergonomics and increase quality

  • Lenghts: 3100 or 4100 mm
  • Capacity: 4 or 3 mm

The PRO model of CIDAN’s power metal folder is the full package. With 100% duty cycle of forming 9ga at 122?, it is possible to replace two operators with one and still produce parts up to four times faster and with better accuracy compared to a press brake.


Megapro Series

Sturdy and intelligent

  • Lenghts: 3100 or 4100 mm
  • Capacity: 6 or 5 mm

The CIDAN MEGAPRO metal folding machine has many intelligent functions like automatic adjustment of sheet thickness, folding center, and crowning. MEGAPRO also has an automatic tool locking-system as a standard feature.

forma series

Forma Series

Clamp harder and form more accurately

  • Lenghts: 3100 or 4100 mm
  • Capacity: 3 or 2.5 mm

CIDAN’s model FORMA is a diverse machine that embodies strength, flexibility, speed and ease of use. The PROLINK touch screen control offers user friendly programing for all applications. With different backguage configurations and the movable foot switch, the FORMA machine allows one operator to run 11-gauge mild steel parts up to 161? in length.

cidan fs fx

Cidan FS/FX

Easy to program and fast to run

  • Lenghts: 2600, 3200 or 4100 mm
  • Capacity: 2,5 or 2 mm

CIDAN FS and FX are phenomenal combinations of raw strength and flexibility. With powerful motors that fold with fantastic precision and to exact measurements this machine can do a lot more than just bend. CIDAN FS/FX is a true workhorse with a whole lot of benefits.

cidan f

Cidan F

The master of saving time, energy and money

  • Lenghts: 2600 or 3200 mm
  • Capacity: 1,75 or 1,5 mm

CIDAN F is fast, user-friendly and reliable. The new construction is robust with welded sides, extra strong lower beam and clamping beam. The generous 150 mm opening height and the generous beam openings allow greater flexibility.