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SMART FACTORY 2022 | Virtual Technology Event

Gain insights to improve the efficiency and productivity of your sheet metalworking operation. Tech sessions discuss market conditions and industry trends, present the latest equipment, and offer live Q&A with technology experts. During this series of online Virtual Tech Sessions we will present and discuss the principles of what makes a factory “smart.” We will also demonstrate three Smart Factory scenarios so that you can see LVD’s technology in action to understand how we can transform your process flows and add value to your businesses.

SMART FACTORY virtual event EN
LVD DYNA PRESS Control system resized

Compact press brake LVD DYNA-PRESS

Fast and compact – so is the LVD press brake DYNA PRESS. The DYNA-PRESS press brake efficiently bends small parts at the speed of up to 25 mm/s, so you can produce more parts per hour and reduce the cost per part. Depending on a model DYNA-PRESS is available with four axes (X, R, Z1, Z2) or five axes (X1, X2, R, Z1, Z2). Compatible with robot cell KUKA.

New design for FORSTNER SLIT machines

The new version of the SLIT Series is now significantly more flexible and even more user-friendly. The ergonomic operating panel can now be repositioned so that the operating side can be easily changed if the conditions at the customer’s site change. The sheet guide and the locking device can be operated on both sides of the new SLIT Series, thus providing maximum flexibility for the customer. All this increases the user-friendliness immensely, as the system can now be operated completely from both sides…

Frontview SLIT PRO