The BASE Bending and Slitting Engine CIDAN

The BASE - bending and slitting engine

The BASE (Bending And Slitting Engine) – a completely automated unit for fully integrated production of sheet metal profiles and molding. The ultimate all-in-one-solution for manufacturing industries with high production flow. 

The BASE is a mix of the best standard machines of CIDAN and FORSTNER and is equipped by the new control system program nuIT. The perfect combination helps to increase the production to the next level.

The most important advantages:

  • Fully automated production unit for slitting, cutting, bending, marking and packing pieces, saves time and cuts costs.
  • Handling everything from one-of-a-kind to large batches.
  • Cutting optimization in real time for greater flexibility and maximum utilization of material. 
  • Semi-automatic mode also possible for manual settings.
  • Operated by a single operator for lower staffing costs (better utilization of personnel resources).
  • Defined working space without proximity to moving parts for greater safety.
  • Makes lean production with integration of business systems possible for maximum flexibility, production planning, coordination, streamlining and overview.