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Baltic Machinery - the supplier of metalworking machines in Baltic states

Baltic Machinery is the supplier of metalworking machines in Baltic states. Sheet metal bending, longitudinal cutting, straightening, shearing, rolling, unwinding machines are the areas JSC Baltic Machinery specializes in.  

Baltic Machinery is the official representative of CIDAN Machinery Group in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. CIDAN Machinery has been a driving force in developing and manufacturing industrial sheet metal machinery right from the start in 1907. Today the company offers a wide range of reliable, functional and innovative products and solutions to streamline clients manufacturing and heighten productivity from powerful brands such as CIDAN, FORSTNER and nuIT. All  products are powerful machines, but their true power is realised once they are integrated in a complete and versatile system for digitalised, automated and robotised production.

Baltic Machinery cooperates with the UK brand MACHZONE and introduces compact bending presses to Baltic market. The wide range of products offered by MACHZONE can be adapted to both small and larger companies.

Baltic Machinery could provide also the services as follow:

  • helps to sell the equipment which is not used or is not suitable for your company any longer.
  • represents in the purchase of used equipment from other manufacturers.
  • gives advice on technical and technological issues.
  • helps to find subcontractors for various metalworking.
  • gives trainings, support and maintenance.



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