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cidan rapido ssm

RAPIDO 32 SSM (Stacking Sensitive Material) is the newly developed cut n’ stack system from CIDAN machinery that speeds up your guillotine shear and never leaves you with scratches or dog-ears.

How does it work?

Set backgauge measurements and number of cuts. The sheet support is pulled back as fast as lightening and the cut material falls gently down onto the moveable material wagon where sheets are stacked at the speed of up to 35 panels per minute.

The material wagon can be loaded with up to 800 kg. If you cut widths of up to 410 mm, you can stack to the height of 90 mm, with widths greater than 410 mm, to the height of 40 mm.

In combination with the CutLink control system you have a real cutting and stacking giant that can be programmed for ten different backgauge settings in desired quantities, all with neat stacking on the material wagon. There is no smarter, gentler or more efficient backgauge system for high volumes.

rapido ssm
rapido ssm

With RAPIDO SSM there is no heavy lifting. Your cut material is neatly stacked on the material wagon, ready for transfer to the next machine keeping panels at a suitable working height. The most important advantages:

  • No scratches
  • No dog-eared corners
  • No customer complaints or recalls
  •  Fast, sensitive and structured stacking
  • Extra suitable for sensitive materials
  • Excellent ergonomics with no lifting

See how easily and smoothly RAPIDO 32 SSM handles the plate in demonstration video.

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