Metal folding machines

Fast, exact and reliable – so is CIDAN metal folding machine. CIDAN Machinery is proud to be a world-leading supplier of folders for manufacturing industries. The folding machines of CIDAN are functional and user-friendly with innovations that offer greater versatility and can speed up your processes and increase your profitability. They easily make anything from the simplest to the most complex products with only one tooling set, making set-up times far shorter. All metal folders are operated by single operators or with the help of robots that handle and position material.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN F

The machine is generously designed with opening height of 150 mm and the large recesses in the clamping beam, 49 mm high and 57 mm  wide, allowing greater flexibility.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN FX

CIDAN FS/FX has stable and well-balanced construction. The machine has three different folding rail widths to choose from with quick change design. The FX offers 125 mm high box tooling with fast locking. The opening height is 150 mm on both the straight rail and Combi beam sides.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN FX PLUS

CIDAN FX PLUS is strong and exact folding machine. The straight rail is divided into 3–5 segments allowing quick and easy changing. The machine has 3 different folding rail widths to choose from as standard and with the quick-change keyhole design you can change rails in a flash. The ProLink control system for FX makes programming easy, intuitive and fast.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN FORMA

FORMA metal folder is equipped with COMBI Beam as standard and can be equipped with Multifold as an option. The FORMA control panel can be rotated and is easy to use from the gauging side of the machine. In combination with our J-shaped gauge system this allows the operator easier handling of the sheets, and in turn better ergonomics and greater efficiency.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN FORMA Z

The design of the folding beam allows straightforward folding upwards or downwards. The COMBI Beam rotation between two tooling setups and the unique geometry give you unrivalled working space. With double sided COMBI Beam with segmented tools the most complex products can be folded without changing tools. The gauge can be raised or lowered automatically allowing greater flexibility in combination with the segmented lower rail.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN PRO

Powerful and versatile – so is the CIDAN PRO bending machine. It has superior strength and comes fully equipped to fold complex details without a single tool change. Programmed crowning of the folding rail allows exact and even folding radius for any material and sheet thickness. All settings are controlled through ProLink allowing graphic programming on the touch screen. Changing measurements and angles in earlier programs is fast and easy and setup times are extremely short. CIDAN PRO comes with 35° sharp rail, segmented lower beam, segmented folding beam 15 mm and 35 mm.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN PRO Z

CIDAN PRO Z – powerful folding machine for semi-automatic running and small length batches that put high demands on flexibility and speed. The machine is specially designed for working with demanding and complex details where the powerful motors easily bend your material upwards and downwards with no need to flip the sheet. With automatic locking tool changes are fast and safe.


Folding machine
Folding machine CIDAN MEGAPRO

CIDAN MEGAPRO is extremely strong and robust folding machine. Segmented tools in clamping beam and bending beam allow bending of complex details. ProLink controls all the functions for an optimal result and best capacity utilization. With MEGAPRO even large and heavy products can be handled by a single operator.