Compact press brake – DYNA PRESS

Fast and compact – so is the LVD press brake DYNA PRESS. This model is an electric drive press brake which is different from other hydraulic press brake produced by LVD. There are three different models available: 24/12, 40/15 and 40/15 Pro. Depending on the model you choose, the power consumption could be 6 or 8 kW. The pressing force of machine is 24 or 40 tons. The DYNA-PRESS press brake efficiently bends small parts at the speed of up to 25 mm/s, so you can produce more parts per hour and reduce the cost per part. Depending on a model DYNA-PRESS is available with four axes (X, R, Z1, Z2) or five axes (X1, X2, R, Z1, Z2).

A functional design makes DYNA press brake a perfect choice for companies with small production premises. Differently than massive hydraulic press brakes there is no need to fix DYNA press to the ground. In case of changes in production area, this bending machine could be easily moved to another location. Depending on the model, DYNA-PRESS is equipped with a front table so the operator can work in a seated or standing position.

To reduce operating costs of the bending press, LVD allows you to choose tool fixing systems, so if you already have a set of tools, you can continue using them while working with DYNA PRESS. Available tool fixing system: W STYLE or UNIVERSAL for punches; LVD STYLE or UNIVERSAL for dies.

LVD DYNA PRESS tools resized
LVD DYNA PRESS Control system resized

Like all LVD bending presses, DYNA PRESS is produced with the user-friendly control system. TOUCH B control system with a 15 “touch screen contains synchronous control of all axes of the bending press. The machine operator can create a 2D detail drawing and view the 3D visualization on screen. The TOUCH-B bending press control is compatible with the wider production software CADMAN-B.

The DYNA-PRESS bending press can also offer you a robotised solution. The DYNA-PRESS series model 40/15 Pro is ready to be connected to a robot cell, so you will have a reliable non-stop worker. DYNA-PRESS 40/15 Pro is compatible with the robot KUKA. More information about DYNA CELL options could be found here.

On videos below you can see the DYNA-PRESS while working with and without a robot cell.

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Brochures to download: LVD DYNA-PRESS, LVD DYNA CELL