metalo apdirbimo įrangos gamintojo cidan logotipas

CIDAN (GOTENEDS) is a Swedish company operating since 1907. CIDAN Machinery Group offers a wide range of solutions and products for companies operating in the sheet metal, construction and manufacturing industries.


metalo apdirbimo įrangos gamintojo FORSTNERlogotipas

FORSTNER is a manufacturer of coil metal processing machines. The company was founded in 1960 in Austria. Starting from 2018 FORSTNER became a part of CIDAN Machinery Group.


  • Straight, slit and cut to length machines
  • Decoilers
  • Recoilers
  • Coil metalworking lines
LVD logo

LVD is a manufacturer of industrial metalworking equipment. The company was established in 1952 in Belgium. Starting from year 1998 the USA manufacturer of punch presses and laser cutting machines STRIPPIT inc become a part of LVD Group. 


  • Press brakes
  • Hydraulic guillotines shears
  • Punch presses
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Software CADMAN
Logo Behringer Prospektfarbe

BEHRINGER is a world wide known manufacturer of  band and circular saws, operating since 1919. Since the company took over the EISELE circular saw manufacturer in 2000, BEHRINGER has become a supplier of cutting equipment capable of fully serving the technological needs of companies operating in this field.


  • Bandsaws
  • Circular saws EISELE
  • Iron foundry
AKYAPAK gamintojo logotipas

AKYAPAK is a manufacturer of metal bending, cutting and drilling machines. The company was established in 1962 in Bursa, Turkey. AKYAPAK provides technological solutions to customers in many different fields directing the global economy such as automotive, marine, aviation technology, construction, heating and cooling, energy, defense industries.


  • Plate rolls
  • Angle rolls
  • Drilling and cutting equipment
  • Welding equipment
metalo apdirbimo įmonėms skirta programa NuIT

NuIT is Austrian software developer with more than 15 years of experience. Software of NuIT is designed for companies which works in metal processing field. The basic software package provides the ability to draw product scheme quickly and conveniently and to prepare all documents for production. Depending on the customers needs, there are different software packages: